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The Advantages of Railroad Ties Over Wolmanized!

- Lasts Longer

- Fewer pieces required

- Environmentally Safer

- Rustic look

- No arsenic poison

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Retaining Walls - Beauty and Function

Sloping sites can benefit from the construction of retaining walls to provide more level areas for planting and other uses. In addition, terracing with retaining walls can be both an attractive and functional way to prevent erosion and drainage problems while providing structure to the landscape. Retaining walls also help to buffer traffic and industrial sounds. Retaining walls are one of the most popular and useful additions to the landscape.

Retaining Walls - Design and Construction

It's extremely important to understand the possible catastrophic consequences of poor design or construction. The significant physical forces involved in holding back large quantities of soil require very thorough engineering and careful construction. Only a qualified professional like B & M Railroad Tie Wall Company can resolve the unique questions or concerns that are often present with each retaining wall application.

Retaining Walls - The Materials

Railroad ties, stone and concrete block are just some of the building materials used to create retaining walls. Color, shape, and texture provide visual interest. Blending walls into the surrounding landscape creates a natural environment and works well to create an informal effect. Symmetrical structures, geometric shapes, and straight walls combine to create the aesthetics of a formal, manicured landscape design. Tiered walls can be stacked to form a series of terraced steps and are especially common in large, sloped gardens.

Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are an excellent choice for many retaining wall applications.  Railroad ties provide the rustic look appropriate for many homes or weekend getaways. They are a great solution when a strong wall is required.  In addition they are perfect for those situations where economic considerations are a factor.

The Advantages of Railroad Ties Over Wolman Pressure Treated Wood

  • Lasts 2 to 5 times longer

  • Fewer pieces required to build same wall

  • Environmentally Safe - PA State D.E.R. recommends the use of railroad ties along lakes and streams

  • Rustic look

  • No arsenic poison like is found in chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood products

To see the railroad tie retaining wall photo gallery click here...

Cut Stone

Cut stone is an excellent choice for a retaining wall in a contemporary application. It is natural, yet has the exactness desired in a contemporary design.  In addition, cut stone is long lasting.


The Advantages of Cut Stone

  • Timeless beauty

  • Natural color variation - no two walls are the same

  • Environmentally safe

  • Contemporary look

To see the cut stone retaining wall photo gallery, click here...

Barn Foundation Stone

Barn foundation stone provides the unique combination of "rustic look" with endurance.




The Advantages of Barn Foundation Stone

  • Timeless beauty

  • Natural color and shape variation - no two walls are the same

  • Environmentally safe

  • Rustic look

To see the barn foundation stone retaining wall photo gallery, click here...

Rockwood Concrete Interlocking Block

In the past stone, railroad ties and solid concrete walls were the only choices available to the homeowner. Recently, concrete modular retaining wall systems have revolutionized the industry.



The Advantages of Rockwood Concrete Block

  • Timeless beauty

  • Resilient design - does not rot or decay

  • Environmentally safe

  • Easy to install

  • Replicates the same characteristics of a natural stone face

  • Requires no cribbing or "dead-men" tie-backs for reinforcement

  • Integral Anchor Bar ensures proper alignment and precise setback

  • Pinless and mortarless wall systems require no special parts

To see the Rockwood concrete block retaining wall photo gallery, click here...

Retaining Walls - Practical Considerations

Retaining walls can dramatically change the physical structure of a landscape and may require excavation work, especially if landscape elements like waterfalls, pond, or terraces are to be incorporated into the design plan. Soil conditions, weather patterns, and slope must all be factored into the design. It is also essential to allow for proper drainage. In addition, building permits may be required by city codes for walls exceeding specified heights. Structural elements such as foundations, reinforcing rods, and other supports need to be planned carefully to ensure that the wall stays in place.

A qualified professional like B & M Railroad Tie Wall Company can provide invaluable assistance by helping you plan your project to meet your requirements for durability, beauty, and functionality.

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